Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Textile Tuesday: Japanese Shibori

Japanese Shibori, similar to tie dye, is a form of resist dying where fabric is folded, wrapped, tied or twisted then submerged in a dye pot. The intricate patterns vary depending on the method used.

examples of four different Shibori dying
methods via Folk Fibers Blog
inspiring quilt made using a wide array of shibori fabric
via Good Studio
via Desire to Inspire
stunning shibori kimono spotted on Tumblr

Shibori dying is a simple, yet rewarding, DIY project.  To create your own shibori fabric, you can purchase an inexpensive dye kit and try one of these step by step tutorials we found online:
Love this folded shibori DIY over on The Aestate
Anthro Blog features the folded and wrap methods of shibori
Make this lovely shibori scarf with
a detailed Martha Stewart DIY tutorial
textile artist Carol Anne Grotrian teaches shibori workshops
in her Cambridge, MA studio.  

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