Thursday, April 4, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Textile Printing

Lacefield Designs introduces two new textile lines per year, in June and December, at the ITMA Showtime textile trade show in High Point, North Carolina. Months of research, creating concept boards and designing original artwork goes into each textile pattern. This week we are in the midst of our favorite stage, finally seeing the textile patterns transferred to fabric! Here is a behind the scenes peek at the textile printing process:

Ibiza Peacock, introduced in December 2012, is a single screen (one color)
pattern.  Notice this machine can accommodate up to 12 screens! 
ink passes through the tiny holes in the rotary screen
printed fabric is fed into the dryer

after drying, the fabric is inspected before being rolled onto tubes

screens are cleaned in between color changes

rotary screens stored between print runs

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