Thursday, February 28, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Watercolor

Watercolor is a favorite medium of the Lacefield design team... it is one of the most efficient ways to translate a design idea or inspiration onto paper.  The designers love the fluidity and organic nature of watercolor paint.  The effect of watercolor is much softer than using pencil or marker and the cleanup is so much easier than working with acrylic or oil based paints.  Anne, who has been a designer at Lacefield for seven years, loves working with watercolors so much that she paints animal portraits and amazing architectural renderings in her spare time! 
Watercolor palette - popular with our design team
because it is portable and the clean up is so easy

Design team member Anne Bohne also paints fabulous watercolor
 animal portraits - like this one of Jack Russell Bea Curtis
The Capitol Building in Washington, DC
watercolor by Anne Bohne
Church of the Assumption in Nashville, TN
watercolor by Anne Bohne